1. What is your renewal date?

  2. Are you a member of the National Limousine & Chauffeur Association?
  3. For vehicle details please include registration - make/model - number of passengers - value - security - parked postcode if different from above - parking details (garage/off road/drive) - annual mileage limit if required
  4. Vehicle 2 details
  5. Vehicle 3 details
  6. Vehicle 4 details
  7. Vehicle 5 details

  8. Please give details if any of your vehicles are fitted with a pole which could be used for dancing around

  9. Are any vehicle operating on a self drive hire basis

  10. Only for vehicle with over 8 seats

  11. If any drivers are aged under 25 or over 70, please give details below

  12. Please give details of all claims(fault or not) within the last 5 years if not already given above
  13. Please give details of all driving convictions within the last 5 years if not already given above
  14. Please give information about your previous insurance history, we need to know if you have no claims bonus on these vehilcles or how many claim free years you can provide. Please let us know if you are currently insured as a fleet.
  15. Is there any other information you would like to offer to support your quote or which you feel is material to the quote?

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