1. Your full legal trading name
  2. The best number for us to contact you on
  3. Please be as detailed as possible and include all activities you perform
  4. When is your current policy due for renewal

  5. What is your current annual turnover
  6. What is your current wageroll
  7. Who are your current insurers
  8. We cannot provide a quote without this
  9. How much cover do you require for stock
  10. How much cover did you want for your contents
  11. How much buildings cover do you require
  12. Are there any other covers you require
  13. Please detail any claims you have made or reported in the last 5 years
  14. Please advise if you have ever had insurance refused cancelled or terms imposed
  15. Please advise if anyone involved in the business has any CCJ's, Bankruptcies or Criminal Convictions or has ever been involved in a business which has gone into liquidation

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